Partnership With Hay Kay Photography

We are pleased to announce our wedding videography and wedding photography partnership with Hay Kay Photography. We have started a process where we will increase our quality of service by complimenting each others wedding and corporate services.

Wedding Photographer

Hay Kay Photography offers professional wedding photography services that cover your wedding from start to finish. In the videographer field (as well as photography) there is a need for service providers to work together well, this is particularly important when they will be sharing shooting space and time. It becomes very difficult when service providers start stepping on each others toes to get the best shot or angle. It have become very important to have your videographer and photographer work together to bring forth the best possible outcome. Hay Hay and Camsol are the type of team you need, here’s why.

Wedding Videographer plus Wedding Photographer Team

Camsol has worked with Hay Kay on many weddings and has always maintained a professional partnership that works for the best for our wedding clients. We know how to work together, how to share photography and video space that service providers usually scramble for. Our partnerships allows for the following:

– Sharing the best angles for all important shoots
– Not blocking the other provider when they need a shot
– Coordinating times so that we can both get the best shots
– Understanding the importance of both our respective services

Camsol Videographer service and Hay Kay Photographer’s are a team that has one goal, to get our clients the best video and photo’s possible.

We look forward to being of service to you!