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We Love Videography. We Love Photography.
We Love Weddings.


Camsol Productions is a video productions team that specialises in wedding videography as well as wedding photography. Our job is to capture all the moments on your wedding day that will tell a story of a beautiful day filled with lots of love and emotion.

Our wedding videographer is Jermaine and our wedding photographer is Alouise. We work very well together in capturing your day and documenting your story from start to finish. Our approach is unobtrusive, quiet and relaxed while still being able to get all those special candid moments. We enjoy a mixture of candid and posed shots for the couple shoot, this allows us to get the best of everything.

Wedding videos and wedding photos should focus on portraying the romance, love and happiness of your wedding day.

We love to meet with our clients, this allows us to talk about what they like and what they value the most, we will also talk about ideas that they may have and this helps us understand their unique style as a couple.

As every wedding is different we adapt to well and our clients feel comfortable around us, this allows us to get candid shots that are ‘all you’. We focus on quality, we want our clients to enjoy crystal clear cinematic wedding films and breath-taking wedding photos. We want the wedding couple to watch their wedding video and be able to re-live their wedding day for many years to come, as well as look at their wedding photos and feel all the energy and love of their wedding day.


We offer cinematic wedding videography in Johannesburg which captures more than just video, we capture a story filled with lots of happiness, joy and laughter. Your wedding day is a very important day to you, and it is a very important day to us, and that is why we put in a lot of effort to make sure that we offer a professional wedding videography service that will produce high quality wedding films.

Our cameras are high resolution video cameras that record video in 4K to ensure that our wedding couple will enjoy the most clear video  now, and in years to come.

Our wedding videography is about telling a story and that is why we capture lots of detail and candid moments.

Your wedding day is a happy day, and we want to portray all the emotion in our wedding films. When you watch you’re your wedding film, we want you take you back to one of the happiest days of your life, you wedding day!


Our wedding photography service has been busy for the last 10 years, capturing weddings all over Johannesburg & Pretoria. With all of those years, we have gained valuable experience in wedding photography. We give our couple unlimited photos taken on the day, which gives them their complete story.

If there is one thing we have learned over the years, it’s that our role is very important, not only in taking great wedding photos, but also in making the couple feel comfortable around the camera and also by making their wedding day that much more special for them.

Wedding photography is an art of storytelling, it’s a mixture of candid and posed, it’s a cross between tears of joy and tears from laughter. It is so much more than just taking a picture, and that is why we love being wedding photographers, why we love capturing smiles, why we love what we do.


Having the privilege of being chosen as a wedding videographer or a wedding photographer is a great honour because a couple has chosen us out of many providers. We get to spend their big day with them and we have the pleasure of documenting everything that happens on this amazing day. Once the wedding has passed we get to work on putting together a well-polished wedding film and wedding photos for our couple. Once we deliver the final product, the kind words we receive is the best reward we can get. This is what makes us tick!


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