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Looking to create digital training material?Looking to train your staff?Looking to create a LMS for your students?Want to create effective learning material?We can help!View our video training services

We create training videos for aspects of your business including Learner Management Systems (LMS) for your students, staff training videos, product usage tutorials and more.


All training videos are shot in the highest sound and video quality by our experienced videographers.


All training videos will be shot according to your lesson script, to ensure they are done right the first time.


A video teleprompter can be used to increase the effective message delivered by the trainer.

Practical Learning

Learners can both theory and practical through training videos, making video an effective method of teaching.

Future Proof

Video is the future of learning, be ahead of your competition by having video training as part of your learning system.

Student Focused

Students can learn at their own pace, Re-watch video lessons, pause at any time and learn lesson practicals.


A timeline of the process to creating training videos that
are effective and follow your training guidelines


Meeting with client to brainstorm ideas and to create a layout for the content keeping in mind that the video content will need to be created for the target application. Ideas welcome here!


Creation of the scrips and content for the training video. The content scrips can follow the learning material or course work and then it can be reviewed by the subject matter expert for approval.


We setup video equipment including audio, visual and lighting equipment on location, then we shoot the video content to your specification. We then put together the video footage and edit it.


Once the content is edited, we will send a cut for the client to review and for the client to make changes. Once all changes are complete and the video is approved, we deliver to the client the final cut.

Learner Management System Training Video
LMS Training Videos

Create Learner Management System videos that follow your learning material and course work, LMS videos that have the correct amount of detail while they are still easy to understand by learners. Our LMS videos are tailored to your requirements and we work with you throughout the process to achieve this result.

We ensure that we simplify this process for you so that you can focus on the creative aspect of things while we ensure that the videos are created to your requirements and on time.

Product training videos
Product Training Videos

Train your staff or clients on how to use a certain product by using the power of video. Clients can choose when they would like to view the training video, if they have difficulty they can always re-watch the video or even pause to make notes. Product training videos help reduce support calls coming into your business and they can also be used as a marketing tool for your product by including logo’s and links to the product. The best benefit, is that your client will be happy that they purchased your product. Word of mouth is the best form of marketing.

Create micro videos
Micro Training Videos

Micro videos are very short and to the point training videos. Micro content is video content, imagery or text that can be consumed in  a short space of time. Micro content conveys shreds of information that answer a specific question or leave an impression on the audience in a short period of time, which is entirely necessary for today’s audiences. Other advantages of micro videos is that they are easy to view on most peoples internet connection as they are smaller in size, the videos are quick and to the point so that the learner gets the concept or message quickly and effectively.

Create green screen video content
Green Screen Videos

Create videos that allow you to change the background to anything you would like. This is useful for changing the scenery of the video from clip to clip. Many companies use green screen to produce informative product videos, company updates and more. It is a useful and valuable tool when you want to produce a professional looking marketing video quickly and affordably. Green screen allows for flexibility, like replacing the background, adding branding to the background and adding motion to the background as well.

Teleprompter video recording services
Teleprompter Videos

Using a teleprompter to record your speech has many advantages, if you are reading off a teleprompter your eye focus will be with your audience instead of at a piece of paper. You can read through your speech with confidence, even if it is a long speech. You will also be able to grab the audiences attention as you will be looking at them. Your non-verbal language improves significantly and your emotion is also enhanced. The speed of the teleprompter can be adjusted to suit your reading speed so that you are always within your comfort level.

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