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General FAQs

What areas do you cover?

We are based in Johannesburg and usually shoot in both Johannesburg and Pretoria. However, we do love to travel and usually find ourselves all over beautiful South Africa. Let us know where you plan on having your wedding, we are always excited to hear from our wedding couples.

What is your pricing?

We offer a number of packages for both wedding videography and wedding photography. We also provide custom quotes should our clients need something different from what our packages offer.

How do I book you?

We require a 50% booking deposit as well as a signed contract to secure your day. The remaining amount is due during the week preceding your wedding.

Please note, we receive a number of enquiries for dates and we can only book a date once the deposit is received and the contract is signed and sent back to us.

Is the deposit refundable?

Unfortunately, not. Once you book with us, we stop taking bookings for that date and we turn down all bookings so that your date is for your wedding only, and this date is not offered to any other couple.

Will you be the photographer / videographer at my wedding?

Yes. We do not outsource to anyone. In the rare situation that we are seriously ill or not in a good condition to attend the wedding, then we have a few great wedding videographers and photographers that we work with often that offer amazing services and will be able to assist in this situation.

Do you use a second shooter?

Depending on our clients requirements we may include a second shooter, like where the client would like a videographer with the bride and another videographer with the groom. This would require a second shooter. However for most weddings we shoot alone, one videographer and one photographer.

When should we have our meeting?

We recommend meeting as soon as you have booked your venue, this gives us a chance to have a coffee with you and chat about your wedding and go through details and also create a programme for the day.

Do you require a meal?

Yes please, this will be much appreciated. We don’t need to be seated at a table as we are normally on our feet at a moments notice.

Wedding Videography FAQs

How much video can we expect?

On the day we shoot a lot of video form multiple cameras. Once we edit the video, you can expect a wedding film between 1-3 hours which also depends on the amount of time we spent at your wedding.

How many videos will you create?

You will receive 4 videos of the day.

Video 1: Full edit of the wedding (1-2 hours)
Video 2: Full edit of the reception (1-2 hours)
Video 3: Feature film (5-10 minutes)
Video 4: Highlights video (1 minute)

How long until we receive our wedding video?

Video editing usually takes 12 weeks to complete. Once we star with the edit then we will keep you updated along the way. If we do complete the video sooner then we will be in touch.

What video resolution do you shoot in?

We shoot in 4K UHD as well as HD depending on the package you select.

For 4K packages, your USB will contain both a 4K version of your videos as well as a 1080p version for older devices. For HD video packages you will receive a Full HD wedding video.

Are your videos true 4K?

Yes all of our videos are in true 4K.

How long have you been a wedding videographer for?

I have been a wedding videographer for the last 8 years.  I enjoy putting together cinematic wedding videos that tell a story, our clients story.

How long do you keep the RAW footage for?

Once we send you the final wedding film, we keep the Raw footage for 8 weeks. If you would like to make changes please let us know during the first 8 weeks after your wedding. You are also able to get the Raw footage from us, please get in touch for more info.

Can I make changes to my wedding video?

Absolutely. Please let us know what changes you would like to make and we will be happy to assist.

Wedding Photography FAQs

How many photographs can we expect?

Usually at a wedding we shoot over 1,000 photographs. We spend time editing and touching up photos as well as removing doubles and photos when you are blinking or even mid-sentence. Once everything is edited, you can expect between 300-600 photographs depending on the amount of time we spent at the wedding.

How long until we receive our photographs?

Photo editing usually takes 8 to 10 weeks depending on the amount of photos we took on the day. We will usually update you to let you know the progress of the editing along the way. If the edit is completed sooner then we will let you know.

Do you airbrush our photos?

Yes we do, we touch up all photos for you.

How long have you been a wedding photographer for?

I have been a wedding photographer for 10+ years. I love wedding photography and can’t think of doing anything else.

Do you also offer other type of photography?

Yes. We also offer the following photoshoots:

Yes we do. Some of the photography services we offer are:

Maternity photography
Newborn photo photography
Family photography
Corporate photography
Engagement photography
Product photography

You can view our photography gallery to get to see our style.

For Photographers & Videographers

Whats in the bag?

For videography we use:
Sony A7S III cameras, Sony A7 IV & Sony A7C’s
DJI Drones
DJI Gimbals
Zoom audio recorders
Prime lenses include: Sony 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 135mm
Zoom lenses include : Sony 24-70, Tamron 17-28,  Sony 70-200, Tamron 35-150

For photography we use:
Sony A7 IV Bodies
Off camera lighting, on camera lighting
Prime lenses include: Sony 35mm, 85mm,  90mm, Macro, 135mm
Zoom lenses include : Sony 24-70,  Tamron 17-28, Sony 70-200

What is your favourite lens?

For videography it has to be the Sigma 35mm f1.2 DG DN Art Lens. For photography, it has to be the Canon 85mm 1.4 USM lens.

Is shooting 4K relevent at the moment?

I would say yes. The reason is that the displays on phones, TVs and laptops are increasing a lot each and every month, and in short while 1080p is going to look ‘ok’ on these devices, it will not look ‘wow’. I believe that 4K is definitely worth the extra effort to shoot and edit, especially for our clients. And it just looks so much better.

Why Prime lenses & Zoom lenses?

We get the best of both worlds. Zoom lenses offer versatility when required, prime lenses offer fast apuetures and the best low light performance.