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Looking to create powerful interview videos?Looking to capture high quality interviews videos?Want to work with a professional video company?We can help!View our interview video services

Our team has the expertise to capture your interviews with clients, guests, staff and hosts using the best video, lighting and audio equipment. Get professional interviews made to showcase to the world.

Multi Angle

We use multiple camera angles to create engaging interviews that will captivate your audience.

High Resolution

Our cameras shoot in high quality 4K or 1080p to capture your interview videos in the best quality.

Studio Rental

We have optional studios should you like to create a new look and feel for your interview video.

Your Ideas

We discuss the interview video with you beforehand so that we get can bring your ideas to life.

Experienced Team

With many years of experience under our belt, our video team has the experience to create amazing interview videos.

Client Focused

We focus on our clients and aim to provide the best service possible to ensure that your interview videos are effective.


A timeline of the process to creating interview videos that
are effective and captivating to your audience.


Meeting with client to discuss the required format of the client interview video and which audience it will be intended for, required video angles and format. This gives us a starting point in the planning.


Putting together the scrips for the interview if required as well as finding perfect location for the video interview shoot, this can be at your office, in the open or at a professional studio of your choice.


Setup of video, lighting and audio recording equipment. We go through rehearsals if required and finally shoot the interview based on the clients requirements for the interview video.


Post processing of the video, creating of animated introductions using the clients logo and text, additional footage can be added to the intro of the video. The client then approves the video here.

Client Interview Videos

Create the right type of interview videos that convey the correct message to your clients. We assist you along the way in creating your interview videos, this starts at the planning stage all the way to creating the scrips, shooting and then postproduction.

Very few videos are shot perfectly the first time, sometimes your clients may need a bit of training in order to be comfortable in front of the camera, our team will be here to help you throughout the process.

Staff Interview Videos

Setting the look and feel of staff interview videos are critical for the video to seem genuine and trusting to your existing and potential clients. From planning to shooting and postproduction of the videos, we will guide your staff along the way.

An advantage that staff has is that they work with the particular product or service on a daily basis so they will be knowledgeable. Now all they need is the right video team to capture it all.

CEO Interview Videos

A CEO, member or manager is a representative of the company that should always be shown in the best possible way to clients, staff and shareholders. It is vital to capture these videos in the best way possible as this will be a reflection of the company as a whole. Videos can travel throughout the world and be viewed by millions of people.

We use very high-quality camera’s, lighting kits as well as audio equipment to ensure that we get the best possible shots of our interview videos.

Thinking of getting started with your next interview video?

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